BOOKS: Two new books on Bonnie & Clyde

This week’s Texas Observer has my long review of two new books on Bonnie & Clyde: Bonnie and Clyde: The Lives Behind the Legend, by Paul Schneider (Henry Holt, 384 pages, $24), the other is Go Down Together:
The True, Untold Story of Bonnie and Clyde, by Jeff Guinn
(Simon & Schuster, 468 pages, $27). If you only have money for one, I suggest the Jeff Guin book, which is a solid account with lots of great, reliable new scholarship on Texas’ most infamous outlaw couple. Schneider has the more sympathetic take on the duo and he stresses that Bonnie was actually a beauty; the photos don’t usually flatter her and she didn’t smoke cigars, she just posed with one for the heck of it. She was also a budding actress, in addition to being a poet. But that’s all you’ll get here, please see the Observer for the full review. See the clip below of Bonnie & Clyde’s death car.

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