ART BLOG #2: New work, Ruta Maya 9.17.09

I’m uploading 15 new pen & ink pix from my new little black book, which is actually red. Tragically, I lost my last little black book. It happened last week when I went to Dallas and Fort Worth, so between here and there and in between, who knows? Johnny Reno and Christina put me up for the night and Johnny and I hung out in his studio for a while, but Johnny says no dice, it ain’t nowhere to be found. I expect to see it on ebay soon. Fortunately I had not only scanned all or nearly all of the art inside, but I had removed or pasted over the most embarrassing of the song lyrics I had scribbled in there. Actually, many of these drawings originated in that manner. First, have about four or five espressos (the lever model Pavoni is the one we have; it makes a killer shot), take a walk at the lake and scribble all the new ideas for songs and/or prose in the book. Later, in a more reflective mode, look them over and realize that 90 percent of that was crap. So I sketch in a naked woman over the writing and add color with my Faber Castell Pitt art pens. Or I might paste some other lyrics or clippings or something over the offending lines. Whatever.
When I mention espresso, by the way, I am talking about dark harrar, which comes from Ethiopia, the mother of coffee. Centuries of history in every cup. I only buy my whole beans from Texas Coffee Traders, which imports them and roasts them to perfection.
Now I have these new ones, mostly naked women, from the weekend. Perhaps the rain was partial inspiration. Many more birds on the lake since the rain. Yesterday I spotted one little green heron, one yellow crown night heron, at least ten common egrets and a whopping 15 (yes, fifteen) green parrots. I don’t count the swans, ducks, pigeons or coots, as they’re always there.
Ruta Maya International on South Congress, Thursday Sept. 17, we’ll be having Bohemian Beat Night, with live music, including blues, murder ballads and word jazz. Hip stuff. Young Sam Kanoff, of Austin’s Khabele School, will be joining me on guitar, along with Doug Marcis on drums, Bruce Salmon on bass. My set begins at 9 PM. Around 10:15 or so, Harold McMillan and the Word Jazz Low Stars will do a set with a stunning array of local spoken word artists, including Thom “The World Poet” Moon and Ricardo Acevedo. After 11;30 or so, expect madness. More murder ballads, spoken word, Beat vibes, etc.
Do I have to explain all this? I think not.
Cover is only $5, college students get a discount. Cigars, coffee, beer, wine, espresso, sandwiches, cookes, brownies. What more could you want? Don’t answer that… just come!

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