Some new pix from the weekend in the new Little Black Book, which is actually red, because Jerry’s was out of the black. As you can see, I’m starting to use some metallic ink, too. So these are a little experimental… wait, strike that, it’s all experimental. Jesus, it’s not like I really know what I’m doing. Ah yes, thank you, Aaron Reed, for buying the date series, pictured below.

What supremely good taste! By the way, I’m a big fan of Aaron’s WaterWilderness blog, and the Abilene Trail Chronicles, too, and when you see his photography, you’ll see why I’m honored that he likes my work.

UPDATE: This post was titled The Bike Wreck because, originally, I posted one of several drawings of that title, depicting a woman wrecking her bicycle. But somehow that drawing disappeared from this post, and I’m having trouble finding the scan. It’s a mystery.

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