St. James Infirmary Animated

Fans of Preservation Hall will dig this new EP just released by the Preservation Hall Hot Four. It’s called “St. Peter St. Serenade” and it includes four cool songs and four videos, including an animated video for St James Infirmary. They do a very hip and weird new arrangement of the song and the video, which you can see here, is a riot. If you dig New Orleans, New Orleans jazz or whatever, I mean, if you just cool, you will dig it. I just bought it on iTunes tonight.

And you must dig, you really must, this animated music video of the great PHJB performing “St. James Infirmary Blues,” the King Britt remix. Click it immediately, OK?

“St. James Infirmary Blues,” animated (youtube)
Driving into Amarillo through a wall of thunderstorms twice as wide as my windshield and almost as dark as my soul, staring out at the endless plains looking like the waves of some stony ocean on a forbidden planet, I felt about as far away from NOLA as possible, but now that I’ve got these tunes for the next leg of my trip, I feel much better.

And yes, he (being me) does still have a bit of time to make his crazy pictures between interviews with attorneys and private eyes and the notorious Fat Cat and an old friend of Stanley the Creeper. Sure. Tomorrow, we find a place that sells scotch whiskey BEFORE we check in at the hotel. Plus, an Apple store, if there’s one between here & there, having left my charger/usb link back in Fort Worth. Have you heard about the giant boxes full of iPhone links and other cell phone deitrus these hotel clerks collect and sell on craigslist? Jesus, you could probably make some money that way. I’m in the wrong racket.
PS: I’ve been focusing on murder ballads, a genre that loosely describes “St. James Infirmary,” in both my club act and in some of my related writing and blogging for the past three or four years. See some of my other posts on the topic here and here.

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