Kiki Sublett & frequent lover known as Moe.As the Tiger Woods scandal continues to grow, with new sex playmates appearing almost daily, Kiki Sublett held a news conference today to deny rumors that she has ever been intimate with the superstar golfer. While Kiki confessed being caught in compromising positions numerous times in the past, she insisted that the rumors were false. Last year, the internet buzzed with web cam footage and cell phone pictures documenting a tawdry affair with a tabby and a wild weekend in Vegas with a Siamese. Then there was the scandal involving a Doberman in Bangkok, not to mention the tell-all book by her former lover, a ferret known only as Wriggly. And it will be a long, long time before anyone can get those images of her threesome with the bobbleheads in that kitchen in Berlin. Acht!

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