JANUARY 2010: Saturday Jan. 16th at Evangeline Cafe: Jon Dee Graham & Jesse Sublett’s Murder Ballad Show. We’ll be doing the usual murder ballads, blues and new songs, plus the very unusual… that is, you never know what we’ll pull out of the hat. Jon Dee has a great new CD out. Catch up with other news about Jon Dee here.

Jon Dee & Jesse after the Austin Public Library Foundation show.

And get this: Terri Lord will be playing drums with us! Terri was around when we were around back in the Raul’s days. Some people would call this a reunion. Some would call it a supergroup. What I say is cool. Supercool.

I’ve been working on the French compilation of Jesse Sublett short stories, non fiction, serie noir and murder ballads for the French publisher 13e Note Editions, to be released in 2011. The book will feature excerpts of my crime novels, my memoir (Never the Same Again: A Rock N Roll Gothic), a selection of lyrics, a true crime essay, and a general essay, plus an afterword by my good friend, Michael Connelly.

Other upcoming gigs: To be announced. I’m still on a light playing schedule until I get closer to finishing a couple of labor-intensive book projects.

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