Gov. Rick Perry, a leader for all seasons, but especially the Stone Age.

The Governor of Texas (at left) has spoken! Our state is not to compete for a federal education grant worth $700 million. The funding, which you can read about in this NYT story, is from the US Department of Education’s “Race to the Top” program, a $5 billion fund designed to improve education quality and results across the land. It is also part of the economic stimulus plan, which we already knew Rick Perry views as being the awful federal government’s iron boot heel on the neck of Texas (“Stop trying to help our economy or we’ll secede, dang it!”), a state that was once an independent republic. Well, let’s not forget that it was a terribly poor, weak, inefficient little republic, despite its size and the ego of a few of its white inhabitants. It was also very much pro-slavery. But I digress. Perry has thrown in the towel because he views this competition as yet another vile attempt by the feds at a takeover of the Texas education system, although why the fed would covet control of such a pathetically performing system, I have no idea. I think the true goal of the man who allowed the Governor’s Mansion to burn (Why waste tax dollars on security, for chissakes?), kind of like the way Perry’s predecessor who went on to the White House allowed 9/11 to occur, despite warnings, despite his colleagues pathetic attempts to revise history and blame it on his predecessors, or Obama… Is that he wants Texas to win the title of worst educated populace, along with his commitment to make us the most polluted state in the world, with the most toxic cities, rivers, air, water….least access to health insurance, most dangerous workplaces, most friendly to corporate malfeasance without fear of lawsuits or other repercussions, etc. Did I mention most stupid? Let the Race to the Bottom begin!

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