Ladies & Gents, the (corporation-lovin’) Supremes!!


Would they betray your love for Halliburton?

Yes, today’s ruling by the US Supreme Court basically grants the same rights to mega-corporations as individuals. I can’t wait! Why not re-name the country US of AmeriCo, Inc…. United States of Wal-Mart… or USINC? You’re gonna love it when your next US President is brought to you by… Halliburton or Blackwater or Viagra.

This coverage on NPR rightly points out that the ruling will undoubtedly help Republican candidates since big corporations tend to support what was formerly known as the party of Lincoln. If this Supreme Court were in charge during the Civil War, I’m sure they would’ve struck down the Emancipation Proclamation on a cost-benefit basis.

Good-bye Environmental Protection Agency. It’s been a favorite target of right wing Republicans for ages. I guess the toxic polluters and oil companies will be able to just write a few checks and poof, it will be gone. Probably, they’ll get the Endangered Species Act overturned, which will help make the EPA seem useless anyway.

I can’t help it, I feel like singing the blues, I need to get in touch with my inner soul music, so I’m wondering, you know, WWDRD? (What Would Diana Ross Do?)

The question is, if the Supreme Court was on Motown Records and Diana Ross was the Chief Justice, what song would they be singing today?

Since, as Keith Olbermann pointed out on MSNBC, this is probably the worst decision since Dred Scott, should it be that hit of 1969, “I’m Livin’ in Shame?”

She may be a little bit weird, but I'd rather have Diana Ross read me my rights.

Released in 1965, “Where Did Our Love Go” would work swell, but we’d have to change “love” to “rights.” “Where did our rights go/ we sold them out to Ford Motor Co…”

See? The Supremes are definitely leaning to the RIGHT.

Of course, we should have know that with those great, impartial, non-activist judges George Bush appointed to the court, we would start to heart “Love Me the Right (Wing) Way” all the time.

“Some Things You Never Get Used To,” as the song goes, and you know what? I’m getting really sickened by these brainless, tea-bagging, racist, corporate-loving idiots, and I might just pack my bags and move to France.

Don’t bother saying “Stop in the Name of Love,” either, because “I’m Gonna Let My Heart Do the Walkin.”

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