OK, it’s been a while, maybe a couple of months. I drew a couple of these on graph paper, which was fun, but the colors don’t pop, so I learned something. I’m also overdue for a trip to Jerry’s Art-a-Rama for more supplies. So these are it for now.

girl that i like

Just got back from Lubbock. I listened to the new Preservation Hall Jazz Band CD the whole time. It’s really fine. Be sure to buy the deluxe package, which has six more songs, including a nice version of “St. James Infirmary Blues” and an extra Tom Waits.

girl who loved my new boots

Man it seemed like a great day today. Except my cat, Moe, had bladder surgery. So it was actually not so wonderful. I’ve got my fingers crossed and my toes, too. I love that cat.

sisters will be sisters

I like this one quite a bit (“Sisters”). I have no idea why. I guess because they seem animated.

Helo Dali

“Girl huh say what” is self-explanatory. Either you know what the title means or not.

another girl with a sledge hammer

GIrl huh say what


girls dancing at radioactive beach

Oh and by the way, I do have a gig at SXSW. It’s part of Freddy Steady Krc’s annual Saturday showcase at Antone’s Records & Tabouli Tom’s. I don’t know the time as yet but I’ll post it when I know.

big redhead

I forgot about this one, “Big Red Head.” It’s on 12″ x 16″ canvas paper. I’m not sure about it, but it was fun.

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