Jon Dee Graham & Jesse Sublett doing their Murder Ballad Show

MARCH 20, 2010: Exclusive SXSW Showcase: Saturday @ 12:00 P.M. (That’s HIGH NOON, Daddy-O!) Jon Dee Graham & Jesse Sublett’s Murder Ballad Show at ANTONE’S RECORD SHOP. This gig will be part of Freddy Steady Krc’s 10th Annual Frontier A Go Go at SXSW an all-day showcase of songwriters, garage rockers & troubled troubadours. It’s an SXSW gig, see, but it’s FREE (no badge needed), actually, it’s one of the zillion “unofficial” SXSW gigs, but you are officially urged to come.
Terri Lord

Terri Lord rocks!

TERRI LORD will be playing drums with us. Is that cool or what? See her interview with TOM TOM, as in, “Tom Tom, a magazine about female drummers,” so it’s a no-brainer. Terri actually ought to be part of their logo, if you ask me.

Acoustic music need not be wimpy

This is Freddy’s 10th Annual Frontier A Go Go show. We have known Freddie Krc since Christ was a corporal. Or at least since the Raul’s days, when his band the Explosives used to double-bill there with my band, the Skunks, & they back up Roky Erickson for quite a while too. Lotsa history there… we won’t go into that right now, though.

Freddie’s current band, the Freddy Steady 5, plays immediately after us. The other bands include the great Eve & the Exiles (great band!), Explosives, Thunderchiefs & Ugly Beats. That’s a really great line-up. The party continues on Sunday. See the whole list and the schedule here. [Last time I looked, they still had not added us to the bill, but don’t worry about that, we are definitely playing]

If you are reading this before Saturday, check out the Friday schedule, too. Higher State, Reverb Brothers & our old pal T.Tex Edwards will be playing.

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