Art Blog #15

New stuff, in time for spring, I guess, as the trees are budding and SXSW is in full swing. The buds just opened on our cedar elms and the little burr oak has got them, too. Yesterday a big male cardinal was in the very top of the tallest tree behind our house singing so loud it almost rattled the windows.
Did you ever wonder what happened to the musicians who used to play 120 decibel rock at the punk clubs like Raul’s in Austin or the Rat in Boston or CBGB in NY or Blackie’s in LA? Well, I’m one of them and here I am. I write crime novels, nonfiction, and still, after all these years, lots of songs. I still play, most often with my Murder Ballad Show ensemble, featuring myself, Jon Dee Graham and Terri Lord on drums, or Kory Cook or someone else. And as you can see here, I draw a lot.

Have a good SXSW and don’t forget about my gig on Saturday, in case you’re interested, it’s High Noon at Antone’s Records with the Murder Ballad Show, featuring me, Jon Dee Graham & Terri Lord.

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