Alvin Karpis, a k a Creepy, a k a Karpowicz, a k a PUBLIC ENEMY

Bank Robbery… Tommy Guns… Babes… Hot Rods… Car chases… Crooked Cops… Bootleg Hootch… Big Cigars… I’m tellin’ ya, what’s not to like, kid??

ACE ATKINS, author of EIGHT BIG CRIME NOVELS, comes to Austin for his big, bloody, Depression era tale of white trash punks with Tommy Guns loaded with badass. INFAMOUS is the story of George “Machine Gun” Kelly Barnes, one of the most famous of the badass no hope anti heroes of this lawless era.

The novel captures that rat-a-tat-tat era with all the wry humor and frenetic pacing of a car chase down dirt roads in a Model A Ford with a V8 powered by white lightning.

Other crazed characters make guest appearances, like Alvin Karpis, better known by his pals as “Creepy.” Karpowicz (August 10, 1907 – August 26, 1979), dubbed “Creepy Karpis” for his sinister smile, was the last of the G-men’s “public enemies” to be taken.
You’ve heard of the Ma Barker gang, right? Creepy teamed up with Fred Barker, one of the “Bloody Barkers” who were the sons of the notorious Ma Barker. The Karpis-Barker gang were heavily into bank robbery, kidnapping and random raining of lead. In reality, the hoodlums said “Ma couldn’t plan breakfast, much less a robbery… but she was always a presence in our lives… we took her to movies. She watched a lot of movies.” Please come welcome my friend and colleague, Ace Atkins, to Austin at BookPeople. Refreshments provided to tickle your id. Ace is in there with JAMES ELLROY, MICHAEL CONNELLY, DENNIS LEHANE.

Woman With Big Stick

Yes! Dark, bloody, absurd, crazy… wicked women & loaded dice. Did I mention that his first novel (CROSSROAD BLUES) was about the doomed primal bluesman ROBERT JOHNSON? Make plans to be there now! … Who knows, there might be some crazy music, too.

Moose Malloy

BIG FAT PS: Stay tuned for my annual HOWLIN WOLF BIRTHDAY TRIBUTE JAM at the Continental Club June 10, 2010. This year will be the 100th birthday of the Mighty Wolf. Beau Coups Guest stars, all Wolf, All night!!!!!!!!!

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