We went to Chicago last week with the Khabele School high school jazz band. Great trip. Some of these drawings were done on the trip. We stayed at the W hotel on West Adams, went to Columbia to sit in on some working sessions with the jazz band and also sat in while some singers performed for an American Idol-style evaluation by vocal instructors. A couple of them were pretty good but one was really bad. The jazz band was phenomenal. Also went to Andy’s Jazz club, great band there, forgot the name, but the bassist used to play with a guy who played with Charlie Parker. The band played a gig Saturday night. We had deep dish pizza at Gino’s and hot dogs and went to the Art Institute. I spent an extra couple of hours there on my own and barely scratched the surface. It’s a hell of a museum.
Jesse Sublett,, noir, pulp fiction, grave digger blues, murder ballads

Italian actress whose name I can’t remember

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