Do not forget, Jesse Sublett & Jon Dee Graham present their MURDER BALLAD SHOW at Evangeline Cafe Friday night, April 23. 10 PM to Midnight, featuring Terri Lord on drums + songs you will hear NOWHERE ELSE.

I love U / I hate U

And a collection of recent tweets:

The 2nd Amendment People, scared someone will take they’re guns, also glad it’s #2 because after 3, they get real confused.

If you thought The Flintstones was a documentary, you can get a job with the Texas State Board of Education!!!!

Bad news: 3/5 of Tea Party members think Obama is an alien (non-US citizen). Good news: the other 2/5 thinks they are Klingons.

Latest ads to June 10th Howlin Wolf 99th Birthday Bash: Gary Clark Jr, Terri Lord, Brad Fordham. Check out the poster!! It’s by Ricardo Acevedo. Ain’t he great?

GOP used to talk about being a “big tent” party; unfortunately the tent looks like a KKK hood.

Good ole Dixie GOP in NOLA at Southern Leadership Conference. Doin’ a heckuva job, Whitey!

Gov. McDonnell revises “Confederacy of Dunces” But some GOP say the flap made a “mountain of a molehill”

VA Gov. McDonnell’s idea of “moderate” Confederate History Month: only acknowledge those owning 3 slaves or less. Mighty White (Supremacist) of you, bubba.

Next thing you know John McCain will claim that James Garner was never a Maverick either.

Virginia Governor wants to celebrate slavery, treason, war, death, destruction, repression & genocide.

Confederate History Month in Virginia? Can’t wait for Nazi History Month, Black Plague Appreciation Week, etc.

Tea Party Hero Ron Paul: The KKK has always loved him. Now why would that be?

Number one goal of shrinking federal government & restoring “state’s rights”: So that their kids don’t have to go to school with black kids, all-white neighborhoods, all white jobs, etc.

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