Art blog #26/ MATA HARI #4

Dark Muse Bird #2

A few new photo images of Mata Hari today, all by Wallery, I think. You will find a blurb of info on Mata Hari, plus some additional images, on this page about propaganda cardsin the Great War.

Actually, more to the point today, I’ve been working with some new pens on my abstract women and also working on birds. For a person who derives a lot of inspiration & whatever from birds, I am terrible at drawing them, but I hope to get better. The images of oiled pelicans and other waterfowl from the Gulf make me ill and I tend to turn the TV off when they start running the small amount of footage that those capitalist dogs BP somehow allowed to slip through to the media. But I digress. Anyhow, birds are on my mind and some of these are crude first attempts to draw pelicans, the others are some kind of dark spirit thing and I won’t digress further on what they mean.

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