Angst of the Britney Petroleum Disaster


Remember the great Britney apologist? ?

Who among us could forget? It was an instant YouTube classic.

Leave it to a Texas politician to top that moment in pop culture history. I dare you to compare the drama, the angst, the pure pop emo of the two hysterical bimbos.

Here’s Joe Barton of Texas as he appeared at the congressional hearing with poor little Tony Hayward. Watch & weep along with Joe.

I mean, the parallels between the two are uncanny. Britney was on dope, driving her kid around with no child restraints, shaving her head, getting fat… saying, WHAT THE HELL, I’M A F****ING POP STAR!
BP said to hell with safety and blow out preventers, cuddled with Uncle Dick Cheney & said, What the hell, what could go wrong? EVERYBODY NEEDS US!
Only a Texas political hack who has taken more than $1,000,000 from the oil industry (oh, wait, is that redundant? I mean, aside from Lloyd Doggett, of course), would have the courage to stand up and shout to the world: “I’m sorry, I’m so sorry… I don’t want to live in a country where an oil company that obliterates the environment to have to pay for its crimes…. LEAVE BP ALONE!!”

Oh and poor little Joe, who is from Waco, born in 1949, looks about 80 years old, doesn’t he? His complexion bears an uncanny resemblance to Spam, don’t you think?

I have written before about Joe Barton and his apparently microscopic IQ, but it’s hard to beat this site, Keep refreshing the page. I was amused for at least a half hour.

Here’s another one from Salon titled “Shill, baby, shill.”

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