Ground Zero Mosque Mob Mentality

LAST STAND FOR TEA PARTY BOZOS? We are SHOCKED to learn that there are MEXICAN RESTAURANTS by that sacred shrine of Texian freedom, THE ALAMO!!!!!!

For one thing, it’s not “at” Ground Zero, for another, this is the USA and we have something called the Constitution and the Bill of Rights which means there is separation of church and state. But the Constitution is only “sacred” to a certain clique of howling morons out there when it happens to suit them. They’d like to put it through a paper shredder, with guidance from the gunmakers lobby, Big Oil, the Right Wing Taliban for Christ, etc.

Anyway, here are some bumpersticker responses that occurred to me this weekend:

THE HORROR!! A mosque two blocks from Ground Zero! Hello? How many Christian churches are near (or atop) sites of American Indian massacres?

OUTRAGED BY A MOSQUE AT (actually, two blocks away) Ground Zero? Imagine how resentful the Vietnamese are about McDonalds. Wait, they’re cool with it. Oops, never mind.

IF THE CONSTITUTION SHREDDERS get the Mosque near Ground Zero stopped, when will we clear out all the sushi joints near Pearl Harbor?

PREVENT THE MOSQUE NEAR GROUND ZERO??? Next job: get New Orleans (whipped by Brits in War of 1812) to outlaw the Beatles & Stones.

And my favorite:

A MUSLIM CENTER (with mall & basketball court) a few blocks from Ground Zero is about as horrible as all those Mexican restaurants near the ALAMO. Which is to say… GET OVER IT!!!

I am really proud that President Obama, who has been doing a heroic job for the most part, had the courage to give people a reality check when he knows that, due to the efforts of the right wing noise machine, so many of them already mistakenly, stupidly, believe that he is a Muslim. This noise, this clatter, is a concerted effort funded by right wing and corporate and other well-funded interests to distract the US from the BP oil spill and the many retrogressive moves this country took under the misguidance of the Bush administration, when corporate lobbyists wrote the laws and to hell with everybody else. Obama is trying to move the US forward; the right wingers are trying to drag us backward, which is something they have very much in common with the Muslim extremists.

Have a nice day!


Americans who DO NOT believe in Evolution: 60%
(Statistics on how many believe Jesus rode a T. rex, not a donkey, on Palm Sunday, was not available)

Americans 18-25 who either believe the Apollo moon landings were faked or are uncertain or don’t care one way or the other: 25%

Americans who suspect the moon landings were faked was only 6% in 1999.

Enter Fox television. Executives proudly claim that the “moon landings were faked” constituency increased to about 20% after February 15, 2001, when that fair-and-balanced network aired a program called “Conspiracy Theory: Did We Land on the Moon?” Some 15 million watched the show. Does this mean that most Fox viewers are stupid, or that the moon landings really were faked? YOU DECIDE.

So, uh, the claim that some 24% of Americans think that President Obama is a Muslim is, well, not a huge surprise, I guess.

Fox is definitely on to something. They know their viewers are DUMB, D-U-M-B, and they will swallow just about anything, as long as it is racist, fattening, corporate sponsored, stupid, ugly, lazy, and in denial.

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