This is #7 of a series. There was no six, because there were two #4s. Tonight’s Mata Hari’s are mostly by the photographer Paul Boyer. I may have posted a couple of these before, but I don’t get tired of looking at them so why should you?

Her real name, more or less, was Margaretha Geertruida Zelle MacLeod. Her friends called her Grietje. Odds are about a million to one that you only know her as Mata Hari, and that’s OK.

She was a courtesan and an exotic dancer and a spy. She led an exotic but uniquely tragic life. The Wiki site readordie has a really good page on her Wiki.

And my first art show will open at Yard Dog in Austin FRIDAY, DECEMBER 3, 2010. There will be drinks, murder ballads and naked women. Did I mention art? Art will be there, too. Cheers, Jesse

PS. For information about purchasing the art on this blog, go to the contact link on the main page.

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