Apologize for what? Will you please repeat that…?

‎”Mommy? There’s a weird lady on the phone asking you if you’ll apologize for being sexually harassed by her husband…”

Virginia Thomas, wife of Supreme Court justice Clarence Thomas, is a Tea Party activist.

She looks kind of like the average middle aged gal you might see waddling out of a big-ass SUV at the shopping mall. She’s mad as hell and she wants to “take our country back…” and all that boilerplate right wing nonsense you keep hearing from the extreme right wing and let me add, the right wing bigots and rich fat cats who are financing all this nonsense which, coincidentally, always seems to emerge from the dark corners of society during times of economic turmoil and uncertainty. Racism, race-baiting, us-vs-them mentality, and the idea that “my life would be a whole lot better if ‘THEY’ weren’t taking all my tax money and causing all the crime and unemployment and being so lazy and shiftless…”

Flash back to 1991: So anxious were the right wing GOP to have a Supreme Court justice on their side, the GOP seized upon the idea to nominate a black man who happened to hold their super conservative views, but who was unqualified for the job in a number of crucial aspects. Plus, the nominee, Clarence Thomas, had sexually harassed colleagues in the past. Anita Hill, who worked with Thomas at the Department of Education and the EEOC, was forced to testify at his confirmation hearings. Anita Hill’s story was truthful, sincere and unbreakable. So the right wing demagogues did what they had to do: they tried to discredit her in the most balefully sexist manner anyone has seen since the Dark Ages.

Now, decades later, with their brand of racism and corporate-funded mob fanaticism on the rise, Virginia Hill felt emboldened enough to call up Anita Hill and leave a bizarre message on her voice mail, asking her to apologize for speaking the truth about her husband.

All this would be extremely bizarre even if Clarence and Virginia Thomas were both white. Anyway, it’s bizarre, even without Virginia’s funny hat.

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