Thursday is Mal Thursday

The art opening at Yard Dog was fabulous and I am super thrilled that so many friends came out and said they loved my art. My “Colorful Women” show will be up for the next two weeks, which means you’ll have until about December 17 to get down there and have a look if you missed it last night. Be aware that these make dandy Xmas presents. Many of them are small enough (4″ x 6″ ) to make great stocking stuffers!

Prepare to have a “Psychotic Reaction” on LUCKY LOUNGE, THURSDAY DEC. 9

It’s early, it’s free, it’s sponsored by a brewery, and it’s garage rock tribute night, so what’s not to like??
I’ll be playing the middle slot between the SOULPHONICS and the UGLY BEATS, two great Austin bands, and the show is a MAL THURSDAY’S TEXAS TYME MACHINE production. Mal Thursday does great Texas garage rock podcasts which you should check out, seriously, and if this gig is a success, hopefully he’ll have a residency show at the Lucky Lounge, so come out if you feel like being at a cool gig with some great music during the hardy party season.
Check out this review of the new Ugly Beats CD, “Motor!” Check out Episode #30 of the Mal Thursday Show for a lengthy interview with the leader of the Skunks (which happens to be me) and lots of great music.

more on the Ugly Beats here and more on Soulphonics here.

And a whole bunch of scans of my art can be found on my semi regular art blogs, but I really recommend seeing my Colorful Women in the flesh, so to speak, so head down to SoCo and check it out… as if anybody ever really needs a good excuse to go down South Congress these days…

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