The end is near: (Last week for my art show at Yard Dog)

Well, the right wingers are outdoing themselves with even more foolishness than ever, but it’s the year end and it’s time for all the scum to float to the top. Maybe next year will surprise us and all these Tea Party kooks and 21st Century John Birchers will find a new hobby, anything other than trying to drag us back to the Stone Age, or the Civil War, or whatever their favorite playtime fantasy may be. And maybe Rick Perry, that secession-loving governor of the last place state of Texas, will get a buzz cut. Or a brain.

I hired this cheap singer/songwriter for my art reception at Yard Dog & he was worth every penny I didn't pay him.

In the interim, I’m working on upgrading this site with a new art listing that includes not only prices for my art but where you can see it exhibited, and with much improved scans on this site.

Also I’ve been busy finishing up several big projects that kept me traveling and writing and playing for the whole year. The Waco book, titled “We Were Not Orphans: Stories from the Waco State Home,” will be published by UT Press in February 2011. I’m credited as “editor of oral histories,” which is close enough, though not nearly the whole story. Sherry Matthews, credited as author, shepherded this project, conceived it and fought for it and deserves the lion’s share of credit. Robert Draper contributed a forward. It’s one hell of a book. Keep an eye out for it.

The Lubbock book continues. This is my project with attorney Broadus Spivey. We’re now incorporating readers’ comments into the polished draft and hope to shop it to publishers in January 2011.

The Jesse Sublett anthology, titled “En Vie Un Noir (A Life in Noir)” will be published in France by 13e Note Editions May 2011. Looking forward to that one. The photo at the top of my blog was taken by Italian photographer Jean Luc Bertini for the book. Jean Luc has shot Norman Mailer, Jim Harrison, and many other great writers, too.

“Things she does to make me crazy” 3.5 x 5.5” art pen on paper $300

The “Lone Star Noir” anthology was published by Akashic in November 2011, and we got a number of good reviews from Austin, Houston, Dallas, etc. It’s a great collection. My story is called “Moral Hazard” and it’s a pretty good one, I think. Bargain price for so many good stories from so many really good Texas writers. Read the Kirkus review here. I think my favorite story is the one by Bobby Byrd, who also edited the collection. Bobby Byrd, you rock, daddy-o.

I want to thank everyone for coming out to the opening for my art show, “Colorful Women,” at Yard Dog on December 3. It was a great night.

Hope everyone out there who deserves it has a great Xmas & New Year. Even you naughty types.

That’s all the news for now. I’ll be back soon. Cheers.

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