Art Blog 12.28.10: Dig that crazy bassman

“dig that crazy bassman” 3.5 x 5.5″ art pen + acrylic on Moleskine paper $175

I just added a few pieces to the collection of completed works. Some are not new but I’ve recently tweaked the colors or mounted them on something. I added a bird to the fender of Satan’s car on the one called Hard Times for the Devil because I found a little fingerprint smudge in the varnish that I had not noticed before, and the little hell bird makes a nice tacky addition. Moose Malloy Seeks Velma is an old favorite that was originally made with art pens but I added a lot of acrylic highlights and I love it even more now. I’ve still got some unfinished pieces that I’ll add soon. I’m new to this online marketing stuff so if any viewers have any constructive comments, I would welcome them. Cheers

“Moose Malloy seeks Velma” 3.5 x 5.5 art pen + acrylic on Moleskine journal $175

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