Now as we head into 2011, it’s not too early to take a good look at the leading hard-right, Tea Party-approved, Christian fundamentalist, family values candidate who, so far, seems to be the best bet for the 2012 Presidential nomination.

Fred Flintstone. Think about it. PRESIDENT FLINTSTONE!!!

Fred Flintstone not only knew Jesus, but rode dinosaurs with Him. This guy can flat-out refute that communist-inspired, satanic theory of evolution, once and for all. He can put the kibosh on that silly global warming myth, too. Because how can you object to the continued reliance on fossil fuels when the president actually knows where they’re all buried!

Come to think of it, remember Fred Thompson? He talks an awful lot like Fred. Was he sort of a trial balloon for the Flintstone candidacy?

The REAL reason the dinosaurs became extinct. Jesus kicked their asses off the planet..

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