UDATE: see gross photos of the floating fat & culprits on HuffPost, such as this one below.

GOP replacement for polar ice caps?

This is so strange. Giant hunks of fat blocking the Houston Ship Channel, and it so happens that Red McCombs is buying everybody barbecue for the inauguration party for Gov. Rick “Take us back to the Civil War, or earlier, if possible” Perry…. There’s GOT to be a connection. I’m not saying the zillionaire car dealer from San Antonio had a herd of cows butchered and they threw the yucky parts into the Brazos River. On the other hand, Perry, Cheney and Bush’s good pals in the oil biz, like BP, drill for oil in the deep waters off our coast and let a few billion gallons spew into the environment and then their pal Joe Barton apologizes to BP because we asked them to clean it up and promise not to do it again. Well, it’s just synchronicity, right? The original story about the fat in the ship channel was posted on the Statesman site, quoted below. The Red McCombs barbecued bull story is here, in case you care. Maybe it’s synchronicity: The oil industry & Wall Street funded Tea Party and far right wing take over Congress, next thing you know, ice bergs disappear and are replaced by rogue islands of lard. Many of their supporters will never know the difference. Who cares about global warming when you have all the blubber you can eat? Maybe there will be symmetry: GOP rednecks gobble up a bunch of beef, the fat clogs their arteries, and maybe they will die off in a few years so we can try to save the planet and roll back the reactionary tide a bit. It could happen.

Fat. This is what passes for brains in the modern GOP.


Floating fat closes Ship Channel

Workers with the U.S. Coast Guard and the Texas General Land Office used pitchforks Wednesday to pierce and remove chunks of beef fat clogging the Houston Ship Channel, shutting down nearly a mile of one of the nation’s busiest marine arteries.

No ship traffic was delayed because the spill was at the end of the waterway, Coast 
Guard spokesman Richard Brahm said.

About 15,000 gallons of animal fat poured into the channel through a storm drain Tuesday after an onshore storage tank owned by agricultural company Jacob Stern and Sons leaked.

The channel was expected to reopen Wednesday or early today.

The only good thing to come out of the BP oil spill catastrophe was the Joe Barton Would Like to Apologize site. Nice campaign poster for Joe Barton by Chris Piascik below. [see the original page from Chris’ blog here]. Congressman Barton, who represents the Sixth District in Texas (where else?), is known to be the lapdog of Big Oil, the recipient of millions of dollars of campaign contributions from the oil industry, his former employer, and by the way, he is known to be one of the dumbest men on the planet. No surprise then, that he has promised to be a leader in repealing health care reform. Is that sick or what?

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