“Billionaires Self Pity” is driving right wing politics. Talk about hit the nail on the head. Here’s an excerpt of Glen Greenwald’s brilliant article in Salon about two of the most despicable people in America, the Koch brothers.

The Weekly Standard now has a very lengthy defense of — including rare interviews with — Charles and David Koch, the libertarian billionaires who fund everything from right-wing economic policy, union-busting, and anti-climate-change advocacy to civil liberties and liberalized social policies — though far more the former goals than the latter. In this article one finds the purest and most instructive expression of billionaire self-pity that I think I’ve ever seen — one that is as self-absorbed and detached from reality as it destructive. It’s really worth examining their revealed mindset to see how those who wield the greatest financial power (and thus the greatest political power) think of themselves and those who are outside of their class.

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Can we just change the pronunciation of their name and call them the Koch-suckers?

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