In this post: GOP Debate recap (Proof at last: Rotting Corpses Bloat)… Jon Dee & Friend (yours truly) show June 19… Rick Perry is a dingbat…

Sun. June 19, 2011, 8 PM: Jon Dee Graham & Friend show, featuring Jesse Sublett, Continental Club Gallery (Upstairs), Austin. Jon Dee & I first started playing together in my band, the Skunks, in January 1979, replacing original guitarist Eddie Munoz.That adds up to 32 years that Jon Dee and I have been playing together, swapping songs, and most important, being friends. Over the past years, he’s become a real Austin icon and recognized around the world as a great musician, writer, and all around artist. That’s been a vicarious thrill for me, and I’m really looking forward to this gig.
These Sunday night shows are from 8-10 PM, cover $15, intimate setting, unique, only in Austin, only on South Congress Ave.

LAST NIGHT’S DEBATE BETWEEN GOP HOPEFULS proved one thing resoundingly (OK, maybe two or three…). First of all, you gotta hand it to New Gingrich. He proved the undeniable fact that rotting corpses bloat. Look at the guy! Dead man walking, blowing up, a big stupid fatso zombie… Nuff said. Also, all the GOP candidates braved proved that they know nothing about the economy. The economy is bad and too many people are out of work, so they propose more tax cuts and less regulation. Remember when doctors used to bleed patients to cure their ills? It’s kind of the same idea.

Rick Perry’s “THE RESPONSE” day of prayer & fasting on August 6 at Reliant stadium in Houston. Sponsored by American Families Association, or AFA, which is a hate group who has espoused all sorts of despicable views, say, for example, that homosexuals are to blame for the Holocaust. Why call it The Response? I think it’s kind of like “The Situation” on Jersey Shore, right? The event’s home page doesn’t say if they will actually be fasting, that is, no food or drink, for the whole day, or the week leading up to it, or if they will be serving hot dogs and nachos at the stadium. Hard to imagine a stadium actually opening its doors without the expectation of making a big profit on concessions. Maybe they’ll sell flagellation gear? Ash & sackcloth? Rick Perry wigs? Please, let us know. With any luck, Perry will make a trio of important announcements:

1. That he will run for president
2. That Texas will secede from the Union, which will allow him to declare himself Imperial Dingbat & Holy Emperor of the Republic of Texas (ROT); as well as President of the US, as long as God still likes him
3. The Rapture will follow immediately after his inauguration / coronation
4. His first act as president/emperor will be to enforce the DRILL BABY DRILL dictate, which will initiate drilling here, there, everywhere, including the lawn of the White House, the Grand Canyon & Yosemite, Disneyland & Disneyworld, Niagara Falls, Times Square and the middle of South Congress Avenue, between the Continental Club & San Jose Hotel

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