I’m just saying… look at the pictures side by side. Interesting, huh?

Rick Perry & Saddam Hussein... armed & deluded, power-mad... I'm just saying

And so he says God wants him to run for president? Of course, it could be God’s will that Perry runs and gives a more complete exposure to the full extent of ignorance, malevolence, racism, etc., of the right wing in this country. Whenever I see him speaking, he appears so spastic & transparent, I am astonished that he’s gotten this far in politics, but then again, I always had the same reaction to George W Bush. In any event, as bad as things are, I suspect the tide is still against him at this point. Plus, he joked about seceding from the Union. I would LOVE to have that come up in a presidential debate. It’s hard to imagine any kind of explanation that would not be completely laughable.

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