Perry is on Brokeback Mountain; SKUNKS 45 RE-ISSUED!

A couple of news bits here, completely unrelated, I think. First, I’m sure you’ve seen the vile, psychotic Rick Perry ad in which he complains about how “gays can serve openly in the military, while our kids can’t celebrate Christmas openly.” And goes on to lie about some mythical “war against religion” being conducted by President Obama. (Hey, I was thinking, if a person really wanted to sign up for this war, where would they go to find it? I can’t find a single place to volunteer, offer aid or anything. In fact, I can’t find any evidence of such fanciful beast.)

Anyway, so look what Gov. Rick Perry, CEO of the nation’s dumbest and most deprived state, is wearing in this anti-gay ad: The jacket from Brokeback Mountain.

I stole this from alternet, by the way. Click the link to read the full post.

The other, unrelated news is that the reissue of The Skunks’ first single, “Earthquake Shake” b/w “Can’t Get Loose” is now available from Last Laugh records. This is a true artifact, recorded in a garage in the west campus area in early 1979 on a two-track reel to reel recorder. We bounced the tracks once to add backing vocals, mixed it down and sent the half inch tape off to a pressing plant along with our $300 and then when the records arrived, drank a case of beer while we slipped the 45s into a sleeve designed by our roadie and which was printed for free by a fan who worked at the Ginny’s in Dobie Mall. This is a true facsimile production in glorious low-fi; not remastered or recorded or sweetened in any way. This was the first punk single to emerge from the Austin, Texas scene and it helped put Austin on the map. We headed off to NYC to conquer the world from the stages of CBGB, Max’s Kansas City, Hurrah’s, etc. and crisscrossed the USA in shitty vans, playing in the midwest, Deep South, Oklahoma, LA, and every bar and dive across Texas who was brave enough to take a chance on a loud glorified garage band from Austin, Texas. OK. so we didn’t conquer the world. Like a dog catching a car, what are you gonna do next? So there you go. Last Laugh plans to release our big hit, our terrifying albatross, our “Stairway to Heaven,” —- “Cheap Girl” — next. Stay tuned.

Last Laugh, based in Brooklyn, NY, where a lot of other cool stuff comes from, also does some contemporary bands, including the totally rocking new release “Yeah Buddy” from the band Liquor Store. Some of the tracks are reminiscent of early New York Dolls. And what great cover art. {see above}

Order your copy of “Earthquake Shake” here, just in time for Xmas.

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