Triple shot of rye, espresso + chocolate = Xmas A.M.

Bourbon balls, a Christmas tradition at the Sublett household, and espresso, a daily addiction.

If it’s bourbon balls for breakfast it must be Christmas morning. My wife, Lois, makes the best bourbon balls in the land. This year they’re made with Canadian whisky, which we bought a half gallon of for Dashiell’s Thanksgiving holiday trip home from Whittier College and somehow he did not drink it all, and some was also left over from the sweet potato pie, which is another tradition here, made by Lois to perfection. Her recent blog post on From Punk to Putanesca gives her instructions for the bourbon balls. This is a short post because, after all, it’s a holiday, plus we have the Sunday New York Times, company coming over soon to make a feast, and naturally, it being a holiday, I’m holed up in my studio office writing, drawing and recording. This weekend it’s yet another attempt to perfect my solo acoustic epic version of “Streets of Laredo.” Happy Xmas, peace, love & bourbon balls. Ah, yes, one last thing, in celebration of Xmas, click 09 Rye Whiskey mp3 to hear “Jack of Diamonds (Rye Whisky)” by Jon Dee Graham, backed on upright bass by my terrible self and drums by Tom Lewis. [PS why is the photo sideways? I dunno. I rotated the picture but it won’t stay upright. Too many bourbon balls????]

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