1. To do what I can to help the GOP clown car drive itself off the cliff
2. To be more productive in every way.
3. To be more creative. Art. Music. Maybe a play. Maybe some sculpture.
4. To combine 1, 2 and 3.
5. To do good, be good, feel good.

Last night Lois and I had yet another great meal at Enoteca, finding that, for once this year, South Congress Ave. was rather slow. As we entered Enoteca and saw the light crowd there at 8:00 PM, she made a joke: “I guess we’ll have to eat at a table this time instead of the bar.” But a few minutes after being seated, we saw our favorite bartender / server, Rob, behind the bar and thought wistfully of all those good times and said, “Screw it, let’s go sit at the bar and talk to Rob.” Which we did.
Then it was off to the Continental Club to watch Jon Dee Graham and the Fighting Cocks burn down the ragged ass of 2011 and kickstart the new one. A grand set by Austin’s poet laureate/ sphinx and guitar hero.

So we’ll start off 2012 with a little art and some music from moi. Here’s my song, “IF THERE WAS,” via Soundcloud. By the way, you can also sample my wit and charm and graphics on Tumblr and Twitter and of course, my Soundcloud page.

PS. about an hour later…
I guess I should have added one more New Year’s resolution, namely, to not go out trimming the bamboo without gloves or better yet, call George the yard man who speaks neither English nor any version of Spanish I can produce. Looks like I won’t be playing guitar or bass for a while, or, even worse, writing except for three finger style. This cut is deep; no trip to the ER yet, but that might happen later. Goddamn…. helluva start to 2012. Hurts like an SOB and the bathroom looks like we chopped up a couple of bodies in there…

This is what happens when you go out to cut bamboo with a little hand shear, no glasses, and no gloves...

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