Ron Paul and the social contract

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After my Ron Paul post today, with comments and a fine column by Michael Lind of Salon regarding Ron Paul, Bill Stephensdirected me to his own post on Ron Paul’s retrogressive views, which should be deeply disturbing, I think, to most intelligent people who are not racists. If given more power and influence, this Libertarian cuddly bear surely would lead this country back to a meaner, less equitable society. Not to mention the fact that his “get the government-off-our-backs” philosophy also applies to toxic industries and all the greedy people and organizations who think they have the right to poison and strip mine and gut our natural resources just to enrich themselves and to hell with the rest of us. It’s an awfully high price to pay in order to be able to smoke your reefer, bro. Yes, I realize he’s also against stupid expeditionary wars like Iraq and Afghanistan, but he’s also against the EPA, worker protection laws and civil rights legislation. Gimme a break. No wonder the Klan loves this guy.

Ron Paul and the social contract.

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