PS: See “gigs & appearances” for new info on upcoming gigs. Next up: Buskers’ Night at Hoover’s Soular Foods Trailer, Jan 28.

My first novel, Rock Critic Murders, is now available for your digital pleasure from Amazon, for $5.99. Yes, for the price of a couple of breakfast tacos (including tax & tip). The sequels, Tough Baby, will probably come a little later. I’m waiting to see what the Apple epublishing thing is like. But for now you can download the Kindle version of Rock Critic and read it on your iPhone, MacBook, or… even your Kindle. Martin Fender, the FIRST of the Austin, Texas based private eyes, unless you count Tiq Toq, the comical detective creation of Sidney Porter / O. Henry.

I’ll post more later, including a little background about how I went from full-time musician in Austin, Texas, to part-time musician, parti-time novelist, TV writer, screenwriter, whatever-writer in Los Angeles, California, in the late 1980s. For now, here’s the link to the book again, and while on Amazon, you can leave your criticism or comments, naughty or nice, and you can also buy my novella, Moral Hazard.

I’ll post some musical links, too, because, as might suspect, I wrote songs to go with the hardboiled Austin world of Martin Fender, blues musician and moonlighting detective.

For info on other titles of mine, check this link and stay tuned, because more are being added soon.

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