The light was so good at 4 PM I just had to shoot myself.

The Boss.

Hey, I’ll be busking at Hoover’s Saturday, January 28. Skip down to BUSKING below if you are interested in that (or see the Facebook event). I’ve never done it before. Busking, that is.

Seen / heard the new Bruce Springsteen tune, “We Take Care of Our Own”? Damn good song, socially and musically. See the youtube clip here.

"We Take Care of Our Own"

The first thing that comes to mind is this: How long before some right wing Republican nincompoop running for president will adopt it as his theme song, a la “Born in the USA” or “Born to Run,” moronically oblivious, as usual, to the dark sarcasm in the lyrics and the fact that their social and political views are about 180 degrees opposite of the singer’s? Well, just wait, it’ll happen.

I’m still working on the publishing thing. It’s exciting. I’ve got some really crazy stuff in the works. I’d tell you about it but it would take too long.

ALSO, I’ll be reading at the Continental Club Gallery Feb. 4, a Saturday, between 7:30 and 10, reading a brand new noir short story called “The Last Detective,” about the last detective at the end of the world. Other friends will be reading / performing that night too. It’s part of a cool series.

I used to know Jerry Hall. Lois and I went on a double date with her and Bryan (Ferry) once and we got kicked out of a movie theater because she challenged the maitre de to a leg wrestling contest. (He couldn't resist, of course, I mean, would you?)

After the debate, Newt wowed everyone with his impersonation of a cow's vagina.

AND I’ll be playing with my pal Steve Bernal & his Zodiac machine at the Continental Club Gallery the following Saturday, that’s FEB. 11th, 8:00–10 PM. Steve is a cool guy who plays bass and cello, very creative, weird stuff. We’ll collaborate on some cool stuff, including my version of “Minnie the Moocher” and some Lorca poems I have adapted. The World Debut of “Unfaithful Wife / La Casada Infiel” ! Be there. It’ll be way cool. Join me on Tumblr and Twitter, too. Hey if you’re online I’m kind of unavoidable. If this bugs you, sorry!

Hoover's Soular Food Trailer

Hoover’s Soular Food Trailer, at 1112 East 12th Street. January 28, 7 – 10 PM. Performers and audiences of all ages are invited to the first of a series of monthly busking nights, designed to introduce Austin to the enormous numbers of variety arts talent in the area. Performers will be gathered throughout the site, performing under the gorgeous lighted oaks.

This month’s mainstage performances include musician Jesse Sublett (7:00) and comedic magician Peter the Adequate (8:00). And, Drishri Dancers, Tulstin Troubadors, Peter the Adequate, Idigo Real, + students from Fantastic Magic Camp, acrobats, magicians, jugglers, stilt walkers, musicians, comedians, belly dancers, fire eaters + spinners, living statues, + unicyclists!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So far, Ralph the Diving Pig has not confirmed, nor has Marvin the Singing Monkey, but there’s always hope.

Acrobats, magicians, jugglers, stilt walkers, musicians, comedians, belly dancers, fire eaters and spinners, living statues, and unicyclists are all fair game. Join us for family friendly revelry in one of Austin’s newest, most delectable food trailer parks.

Audiences are encouraged to bring lots of ones to reward the talent of the performers.

Interested in performing? Contact Kate at kate@lafeniceaustin.org for details.

Dick Cheney recently went in for a tune-up.

CNN cameras caught this reaction of a staunch Newt Gingrich supporter in the South Carolina debate the other night.

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