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Update: Saturday morning, 9:15-10:15: Been on the phone with Apple, trying to find out if the error messages I got last night while delivering the iBook are going to hang me up or not. Finally got with a senior adviser who said no error messages are appearing there, so it ought to be in the iTunes Store / iBookstore today or tomorrow. Also, there’s a little late-breaking message from Montpellier, France, by Ed Ward, which I have just added below.

Ginger Snapp as Lorraine, the femme fatale of Rock Critic Murders

OK, so I’m doing this thing, this ePulp DIY thing, like Black Mask magazine but for handheld devices and your MacBooks and Kindles and Nooks. Does anyone go down to B&N to get nookie? Just wondering.

So I’ve done a couple of ePubs which are on Amazon now… and working feverishly on a couple of cool, ultra cool things using Apple’s iBooks Author app. I’m not going into detail right now, but dig this: ROCK CRITIC MURDERS, THE 25th ANNIVERSARY EDITION FOR IPAD (RCM 25), should be out very soon, on iTunes, in the Apple iBookstore, etc. Finishing touches this weekend. Then another project I’m very excited about and will blab and blog about later. I wanted to post a couple of screen shots and clips, then get back to work. Looks like I may also write about this for a SXSW issue of the Austin Chronicle, too.

This thing will have lots of graphic images, including photos, many photos of The Skunks (because that’s where a lot of the experience that informed the semi fictional world of Martin Fender came from), plus video clip commentaries from many Austin characters, like Joe Nick Patoski, Ed Ward, Jon Dee Graham, Billy Blackmon, Louis Black, Robert Draper, David Fox, and others. Many of these same people were either caricaturized (rather crudely, I admit) in this novel, and I’m glad they’re good sports about it. As Louis Black says, “The only rock critics who were actually upset with the book, Jesse, were the ones who didn’t get killed in it.” Also I make a dozen or so stops around Austin, talking about my favorite places. Skunks video clips, Cloud 19 songs, etc. Lotsa cool stuff, if you dig that kind of thing.

Anyway, I’m adding some video clips from the RCM 25 project later, but here are some of my favorite screen shots.

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