Mean Streets & New Devices

Exciting week here in our little corner of South Austin. On Tuesday, after a few snags, Rock Critic Murders: 25th Anniversary Edition for the iPad, the first Martin Fender novel, was successfully uploaded to the Apple iTunes store. Click here to go directly to it. See the previous post, remember, ePub iPad eCrimes iPulp uDig?
So, hope you check it out, rock to it, and leave a rave review. I’m working on a story for the Austin Chronicle about it, and that should be out in early March in time for SXSW Interactive.

Also you can view one of the many video clips in the new Rock Critic Murders iBook here: . The clip is called “Louis Black on ambivalence,” because Louis was one of many Austin rock critics who hated the Skunks back in the day. On the other hand, he liked my writing and encouraged me. So I repaid the favor by having him killed in the novel. The same is true of Ed Ward, my other rock critic mentor. He helped me out, I had him die a grisly death. Fictonally, of course, because I love both these guys.

See the clip from Ed Ward here. Ed chose to phone his in. He calls Martin Fender “a loudmouth.” Hmmm. I never realized he felt that way.

And we got gigs!! Live gigs, that is. I’ll be playing with the hugely talented and delightfully weird Steve Bernal at the Continental Club Gallery Saturday night, Feb. 11, starting at 8:30 SHARP. If you’ve never seen Steve’s eclectic cello lounge act, you are in for a real treat. I selected a handful of my best murder ballads and blues to play with him, and it sounds so good, it will probably warp the fabric of the universe. Also, I will be reprising my new short story, “Last Detective at the End of the World,” with Steve providing suitably noir-esqe soundtrack, and most likely, another, brand new piece, similar in dark tone and mean streets content.

Then next FRIDAY, Feb. 17, I’ll be playing Romeo’s on Barton Springs, 10:30-12:30. Now listen, man, I don’t play many restaurants, but this one has a cool set-up for bands, with a stage, lights and back line. It’s a good listening room. So I hope some of you will take a chance on it. You never know, it might augment your personality in a really cool way. People will say, Hey, that dude has changed. He used to be a geek. Now he’s hip. He’s got a groove! Or she. Same thing. Sexier, more confident, mysterious, all that. Guys will come up to you and say, Hey, don’t I know you from the movies?

Seriously, it could happen.

Cheers from the Great Blue Heron of South Austin.

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