Surreal vs SXSW

Hey, if all you’re interested in is Nazis on the Moon (the dark side, naturally) skip to the end of this post. But I will say that the normally big blue skies over Austin have not been tinged iron gray this week in honor of the Nazis-on-the-moon film Iron Sky.

But stick with me a minute. My wife just said, “Remember the first New Music Seminar in NYC? It was all in one hotel… a bunch of spiky haired rockers and rock critics, the usual miscreants and cretins… then Blondie walks in?” I remember giving Lenny Kaye a copy of my just published novel, Rock Critic Murders… We went out to dinner in Little Italy with Joel Webber and a few Austinites. Weird. Oh yeah, they had just invented the wheel, too, or was it the 8-track tape?

Believe me, I don’t live in the past, even though most of my favorite music is by long-dead black musicians. Anyway, it’s the usual cluster-up, plus rain and cold. Sunny & laid-back, Austin is not, not right now.

Here’s an update on my own activities over the next couple of weeks:
I’m in the AUSTIN CHRONICLE pimping my enhanced-for-the-iPad ROCK CRITIC MURDERS: EX PUNK AUTHOR DIY OR DIE FOREVER. You can go directly to the iTunes link here.

Sat. 3/10/12 11:00 AM, SXSW Interactive: ePub Meet Up with Jesse Sublett, Rio Grande Room, Hyatt. Bring your business card & ePub / iBook / Kindle war stories, bring me a double-espresso while you’re at it.

Sat. 3/10/12, 7:09 PM: At the South Austin Center for Popular Culture, a big art show featuring, guess what, Austin musicians as artists. RSVP on Facebook here, or go directly to the South Austin Museum of Popular Culture here. The show will feature art by Greg Anderson, Bill & Ruth Carter, Joe Ely, Butch Hancock, Cleve Hattersley, Lissa Hattersley, Guy Juke, Elizabeth Lee, Billy Perkins, Howard Rains, Charlie Terrell and my terrible self, Jesse Sublett and the show will run through April 14, 2012. There’s no parking at the Center, so park on Collier and walk over. Later, music by Denny Freeman. Hot dog.

Fri. 3/16/12 Uncle Billy’s on Barton Spgs., 5:30-7:30 Jesse Sublett & Jon Dee Graham, The Murder Ballad Show, back by intrinsic demand.

Sun. 3/17/12 1:40 PM, Uncle Billy’s on the Lake, A Benefit for George Kinney. It’s an afternoon show, bunch of cool bands, see the poster.

APRIL FOOL’S DAY (for you Right Wing Home Schoolers, that’s the First Day of April): The April Fool’s Rag Blog Benefit on Sunday, April 1, 6-9 p.m., at Jovita’s. The bill is Shiva’s Head Band, Greezy Wheels, and the one and only Jesse Sublett. I am so happy to throw my support to my old school left winger pals, Thorne Dreyer, et al. We will get this sixties revolution back on track before the world ends and Newt Gingrich and Dick Cheney will be working as greeters at Wal-Mart–IF they’re that lucky. Trust me.

Now, I said this as a joke a week or so ago on Twitter, but little did I know: Just in time for Newt’s moon base props, IRON SKY, is screening twice during SXSW. (the long delayed, legendary, super weird film about how the Nazis escaped from behind the lines late in World War II and set up a secret base on the moon). See the screening times here. Both times are midnight, appropriately enough, Saturday 3/10 and Weds 3/14. I’ve enjoyed watching clips from this sure to be classic on youtube for years now.

The timing couldn’t be better. Think about it. We’ve got millions of right wing loonies who think evolution is a hoax, Obama was born in Kenya, the New Deal and social security are communistic, and stuff like that. A film like Iron Sky will probably seem like a documentary to them. It’s bound to be a huge hit.

Seriously, if Newt Gingrich can have a second life as a politician, why can’t there be Nazis on the moon? Why couldn’t Adolph Hitler be alive and living in South America, or South Beach, for that matter?

Iron Sky director Timo Vuorensola will be doing a panel at SXSW on Sat. 3/10/12 at 5 PM. Details here.

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