Getting Twisted at Club Foot

Remember that great booming sound of Club Foot? It was just a big stone and concrete warehouse, multi-level, old as dirt, and the building really magnified the sound of a good rock n roll band in a neat way. Sure, I consider the Skunks a good rock band, he said, not so modestly, in fact, one of the great ones. The incarnation of the band that was around when Club Foot was in existence (1982-3) isn’t my favorite but we still had our moments. The Skunks Live at Club Foot

A handful of videos appeared out of nowhere the other day on youtube so I’m posting one of them here, apropos of nothing, except to say that I sure miss the sound and feel of that club. Clubs come and go, it’s part of the natural order of things, and I never did spend much time crying about the demise of one club or another. But I miss that sound. Also, it’s fair to mention that those were great days for rock n’ roll in Austin. The club drew really large crowds to see live music. Now that we’re officially (or not) the Live Music Capital of the World, we’ve got 100 or 200 clubs, but it’s not often that they’re full of live music fans.

I wish the above video would have surfaced when Dawn Cooper Johnson was producing her Dead Venues Live series. The Club Foot story, featuring my terrible self, Jesse, and the great band Ume, were in the first episode.Dead Venues Live starring Jesse Sublett and Ume

I mean, as far as bank towers go, the Frost Tower, which was built atop the grave of Club Foot, is pretty neat looking. But the acoustics ain’t worth shit.

Additionally, the same youtube user uploaded a couple of videos of the Skunks from a session on ACTV, but I think this is enough nostalgia for one day. But that doesn’t mean I can’t post this photo of our great pals, Joseph Gonzales and Bobby Morales, the great Buddhas of Raul’s Club, where this whole putting-Austin-on-the-rock-n-roll-map thing started, back in January and February of 1978, with the Violators and the Skunks, Austin’s first two punk bands. And, he immodestly added, I was in both of them!

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