All Wolf All Night. Poster by Ricardo Acevedo

The Minotaur is Loose, by Jesse Sublett

Hey, it’s May, Taurus time, which just happens to be my birthday month, so I’m posting pictures of minotaurs, a new one every day, or at least until I get burned out on the idea. The minotaur, as you may know, is a mythical creature, half bull and half man, and basically, if anything specific, he (HE, not SHE) is a symbol of out of control male energy. With that you get an extra dose or two of sex, fighting, aggression, destruction, etc. Let’s not take this idea too far, but you gotta admit, it’s kind of interesting. A recent FB friend posted on one of my Picasso minotaurs that he was “interested in the significance… so I did some research…” My reply was that minotaurs were among the most prolifically produced images of Picasso and if you know what minotaurs mean and you know anything about Picasso, you would go, “Oh… yeah… I get it…” Also as you may know, I wrote a play about a trip to West Texas, to Marathon, and it involved the minotaur story and a climactic encounter with one, but the project ended badly. So we won’t be talking about that here. Unless there’s a lawsuit. Someday I’ll turn the play I wrote into a novel. At the moment, the story is getting used, in portions, in my new pulp fiction series, temporarily titled GRAVE DIGGER BLUES.

Anyway, here are the first few minotaurs in the series, plus a little poster for the BIG, UPCOMING, SUPER COOL 4th Annual HOWLIN WOLF BIRTHDAY TRIBUTE SHOW.

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