GOP Clown Club: Craig James

Craig James' web site says he is the "Deb Fischer of the Texas Senate Race." I didn't find the evidence all that compelling, so I helped redesign their graphics.

The Clown-of-the-Day Club that is the modern GOP has a hard time topping its most outrageous lies and idiotic ploys. It’s hard to look anywhere–billboard, newspaper, online, TV–without seeing a new eruption of brainless, heartless, gutless bravado. Here’s the first one that caught my eye this morning, thanks to Politifact:

Craig James, Conservative GOP candidate for Texas Senate, claims that: “Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton are negotiating with the United Nations about doing a treaty that will ban the use of firearms.”

FALSE! is the rating from Politifact, as in totally, absolutely, “liar, liar, pants on fire.” For more nuggets of non-reality-based nonsense, check Politifact’s Craig James page. But before you hit the link, make sure you are holding your digital device with fireproof gloves.

Where do they get this crap? From what dark, dank holes do these cretins crawl and slither? Craig James‘ website trumpets this: “Craig James is the Deb Fischer of the Texas Senate Race.” Deb Fischer is the right wing wacko who just won in Nebraska.

Next fall Fischer will face Democrat Bob Kerry, the Vietnam war vet and former presidential candidate, to replace conservative Democrat Sen. Ben Nelson, who is retiring. Who loves Fischer? Sarah Palin, that’s who. Hoo-boy. ‘Nuff said.

By the way, you’ll notice that Craig James’ official website photo has the Austin skyline at his back. That’s Austin, as in the liberal blue oasis in redneck red state Texas. How many of those people down there in those buildings, hiking and biking and sailing on Lady Bird Lake will vote for this tin-foil-hat mannequin? Maybe just enough to paddle his canoe down that river of hatred and stupefying idiocy that is the modern-day Republican Taliban.

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