Ex-Girlfriends Club

Vice President of the Ex-Girlfriends Club, 3.5 x 5.5 moleskine paper, ink & acrylic

These drawings of mine are not much different from before, I guess, being mostly buxom women with no clothes on. It’s a pattern I seem to be repeating. The latest ones are shaped differently, I guess.

Not as much art this year as the previous two years, as I’ve been concentrating more on my writing projects, including several author-for-hire jobs. Lately when I do draw something it’s often an attempt to find images for this new novel I’ve been working on, tentatively titled GRAVE DIGGER BLUES. It’s post-apocalyptic pulp fiction. One of the protagonists is a detective named Hank Zzybnx, and another is a jazz musician named Blues Cat. I’ve been searching for the right image for Hank and also for a subsidiary character named The Muffin Man. I’ve worked on several images for both these guys, but I haven’t gotten around to Blues Cat yet. Blues Cat really knows a LOT of women, and I have been blessed by having some friends who are great photographers who have worked with me to input loads of great images of women. Anyway, I’ll put up some of the women drawings I’ve done lately, and below, you will see some screen shots of the stories which include some of the great photos I’ve been privileged to use.

I’ll be reading one of these stories at Opal Devine’s at Noir at the Bar on June 7, Thursday, 7 PM, with 3 other cool crime fiction authors. More info on that, plus the June 9 Howlin Wolf Birthday Tribute Show, details here.



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