Noir blues weekend

RA-howlin-wolf2012-3webThanks everybody who came out to Opal Devine’s last night for Noir at the Bar. We had cool music from Chris Hoyt (and I played a pretty cool song too), fine readings from Barry Graham, Jonathan Wood, Peter Farris and myself. For me the definite highlight was Peter Farris’ reading from his new novel, Last Call for the Living, and doing a bang-up delivery of a scenario involving a breakout of weird violence in the middle of an otherwise normal, peaceful snake handling worship service.

I mean, what a gift for suspense he has, setting up this pastoral scenario about worshipping the Lord and just when you’re thinking, Gee, what could go wrong? BOOM!! it all explodes in your face. Hey if this sounds like I’m making fun of Peter, I’m not. I enjoyed meeting him and I really look forward to reading his novel. Thanks, Chris, for loaning me your guitar and letting me detune it for dat tune of mine. Thanks to Scott Montgomery & BookPeople for booking this cool event.

SATURDAY NIGHT, JUNE 9, as you know, most likely, is my 4th Annual Howlin Wolf Birthday Show at the Continental Club here in Austin, Texas, 10PM – 2 AM. All the details are here. Hope you can come.

And finally, I just wanted to say, Williard Mitt Romney is a creep. Everything that comes out of his mouth is a lie, including the, a, an, of and from. Nothing new about that, but this great piece by Joan Walsh in Salon sums the lying, creepy, vacuously evil nature of the man quite eloquently. And then there’s the photo, which may be the creepiest photo of Williard Mitt Romney yet. Uuggggghhhhh! Yikes!!! It’s enough to make you wanna howl like Howlin Wolf.

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