I’ve been checking out drawing apps for iPad, so these little jpegs are just doodles; on the other hand, I kinda like them. Most of them are called “Blues Cat” because one of the two protagonists on my novella in progress is called The Blues Cat. Hope to get this finished and out as an eBook with some iPad incarnation before the end of summer. Been somewhat under the weather, so it’s taking longer, but you don’t want to hear about that, now, do you?

So far I’ve scrawled around with the Documents app, and while it’s really limited, I like the ultra bright colors against the black background. I just downloaded ArtRage, and that’s more complicated, but looks like a powerful app, and promising. The other pix here are from the MoMa app, which I just got, and it’s kinda fun, too. They’re the geometric looking ones. I have GlowDraw, which is fairly worthless, unless maybe you’re tripping on X (not that I would necessarily know) and also Draw Pad, which is OK, I guess, but it wastes a lot of time trying to get you to fix up a journal and other BS, IMHO. If any of you have any favorite drawing apps, let me know.

Noir news, baby! And not just about me. In fact, let’s forget about me for a minute. I was thrilled to see this bit about a series being developed featuring Michael Connelly’s LAPD dick Harry Bosch. Well, it’s about time! The people associated with the show have had a hand in THE KILLING and also TREME, which is solid credentials for me.

Also, this new book, LA’s Bunker Hill, by Jim Dawson. you know, if you’re a film noir fan, that LA’s Bunker Hill is a recurring character, right? In fact, I thought of Mike Connelly right away, because of his great use of symbology in his LA novels, and so it was almost very predictable that he’d have a novel ANGEL’S FLIGHT (it’s in this book), and also the LA River, featured prominently in THE NARROWS (it’s in this book too), and so many other great LA noir landmarks. Check it out. Great stuff. Here’s a screen shot from the web page for LA’S BUNKER HILL.

A few gigs coming up. Sixties Night Party at the LBJ Museum in San Marcos Aug 3. Check the museum’s Facebook page for more details and I’ll post them as they are finalized. See the poster below.

When crime novelists Megan Abbot and Sean Doolittle sign at BookPeople Aug 2, 7 PM, I’ll play a few murder ballads to set the mood. BookPeople calendar for the event here. Did I mention that Megan is also referred to as The Queen of Noir?

The next Austin NOIR AT THE BAR is Aug. 16, 7-9PM, Opal Divine’s on Sixth, where I’ll be reading AND playing my surrealistic blues thing. Other authors confirmed are George Weir and Michael Koryta. Opal Divine’s Freehouse is at 700 West 6th Street in Downtown Austin, (512) 477-3308.

PS I’m not kidding you about this cat, Moe. He’s in the Witness Protection Program. Everywhere he goes, piles of decapitated, mutilated bodies. Of course we’re talking about mice, lizards and, unfortunately, a few lovely songbirds, too.

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