Here’s the best I’m able to do on the Charlie Patton song “High Water Everywhere Part 1” at present. You can play it on the music player on this page, or click on the title below.

As mentioned previously, I’ve been working on it, but I’ve got some health problems that have ravaged my voice. Short explanation — remember how I had throat cancer 14 years ago? Well, it’s gone, I’m pretty sure, but I’ve got side issues. The last three years I’ve been dealing with mysterious immunity problems, getting infections about every six weeks, and this summer I got hit by like this cement truck, and then my voice started resembling Joe Cocker but on a bad day, after gargling with Draino. So, anyway, voice is shot and my abilities for playing Delta style open tuning like Charlie Patton pretty limited, I’ve been determined to learn this song anyway, or a reasonable facsimile.

OK, so remember, these are GarageBand demos. Click on the title, or use the EXFM music player.

High Water Everywhere Part 1.1

BLUE BLUE SKY (August edit)

Johnny Heartbreak Blues

I really love this song. So happy to have belatedly (OK, much belatedly) gotten hip to Charlie Patton. I’m digging my way thru his repertoire, and loving it.

At the same time, I’m reading a book on the history of bullfighting, Bullfighting: A troubled history, by Elisabeth Hardouin-Fugier, translated from French, which is, well, pretty astonishing and to many of you, probably pretty gross. It’s gross to me, and I am really interested and fascinated with bullfighting. I love Hemingway’s Death in the Afternoon, despite all the weirdness, and I’m really fascinated by the various bull-cults throughout history. But this includes stuff that is pretty shocking, even considering the depths we know that humans can descend to. I mean, coating bulls with gunpowder and setting them on fire? Stuff like that, in addition to all the other more established and well-known tortures of these creatures in the traditional bullfights. Will work on a full blog on this later. But the other book that has kind of blown away everything else for the time being is Ulrich Haarbürste’s NOVEL OF ROY ORBISON IN CLING FILM. I gotta tell you, this is good. It’s like, best thing since sliced bread good. I found the “Roy Orbison in Cling Film” short stories online many years ago, like, before Netscape even, and I was writing a character based on Ullie in my new novel recently and then thought, well, I wonder what happened to Ullie and his cling film thing. What has he been up to? He published this novel in 2007, that’s what! If this interests you even slightly, you should check it out. The book, that is, not the cling film fetish.

PS I’ve added a couple more murder ballads to the music player as well, to make up for the Draino voice.


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