Big Tex Lit Up Like A Match Head

I was shocked when I saw this on the NPR site. Story here.

Big Tex goes up in flames Friday Oct. 19, 2012

I thought it was a hoax at first. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think it’s terribly funny. On the other hand, it really stimulated my imagination. For one thing, I was a little big caffeinated. For another, I’ve been driving this post-apocalyptic groove for about six months now, writing my new pulp fiction serial novel and illustrating it with, shall we say, surreal images. So this fit the bill nicely.

Mars Attacks 2012.

This week, by coincidence, I saw that TOPPS (the bubble gum / baseball card company) had issued a 50th anniversary edition — in book form — of the great graphic novel (epic? tome? reality show?) MARS ATTACKS. I wanted to rush out and buy it, but I’ve been busy doing other stuff, like visiting cardiologists and working and sculpting a female nude from cheese wax.

The Big Ape takes down Big Tex.

I’ve always had a thing for monkeys, apes, gorillas, etc. Being a film noir aficionado, I just love it in the movies when the femme fatale says to her man, “Oh, you big ape!” The first time Lois said that to me, I knew I was hers forever.

The Reagan-Faced Monkey, who performs in a carnival side show and shouts “MORNING IN AMERICA” as he pleasures himself, plays a subtle but essential role in my serial novel Grave Digger Blues.

And finally, this is the most recent graphic I’ve put together for Grave Digger Blues. I’d like to explain the context but I need to take my wife out to a French bistro for our anniversary, so it’ll have to wait. The picture is called BULLFIGHT PANDEMONIUM.

This is what happens when a police pursuit of bank robbers detours into a bullfight and then the bulls get righteous.

Welcome to Texas. Oops, set myself on fire.

And now this:

Quanah Parker gets the last word.

More conventional media coverage here.
Now the story can be told. It was a conspiracy. Worse than suspected.

Jack Ruby did it.

And a gallery of actual photos culled from elsewhere here.

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