Nobody knows the trouble I’ve seen
Life is hard, streets are mean
No beast so fierce as a human being
Nobody knows the trouble I’ve seen

TEXAS BOOK FESTIVAL: I play Sun. 3-3:45 PM in the Music Tent. Highly literary blues songs and murder ballads. Maybe a guest appearance by a famous author. Dig it. You want to see me play? It’s free.

SARAH CORTEZ & GWENDOLYN ZEPEDA were killin’ em at their panel Saturday afternoon. These Latina authors are smart, sexy, exciting, invigorating… They ought to take this show on the road. Diane Hernandez did a swell job moderating and blurbing the cooler events of the weekend. See the links to these authors below, which will give you some bio info and links to buy their books, which you should probably do right now.

Also, I got there late but just in time to witness the levitation of the capitol grounds by the throbbing conjunto of Joel Guzman & Sarah Fox. Great music on a beautiful day.

Instead of complaining here about TBF’s almost complete snubbing of crime fiction authors (WTF, anyway?) I will mention that one highlight every year is getting to hang out a bit with my pals Bobby Byrd, Lee Merrill Byrd & Johnny Byrd, the brains and braun behind the mighty Cinco Puntos Press. At the authors party, there was an overflow of cool writer pals to clink glasses with and share really bad jokes (the higher the IQ, the lower the bar for humor) so I won’t mention any, except for Kip Stratton, Sarah Bird, Robert Draper, Skip Hollandsworth, Robert Caro, Joe Nick Patoski, Sarah Cortez, Helen Knode, Carol Dawson and Steven Saylor. That’s it, that’s final. But I had a moment with Robert Caro in which I got to congratulate him on getting something perfectly right in his latest LBJ bio volume, which is: How mean people in Johnson City were to the Johnson family when Lyndon was growing up, which inspired LBJ to greatness, because of his incredible empathy for the poor and downtrodden and his terrible fear of failure and humiliation, which he experienced in the presence of those weird mean people in his old home town. I said to Mr. Caro: “They’re still like that!” and he said, “Yes, I’m so glad you shared that with me. I found them that way myself.” And with that, the great author (talking about Robert Caro here), who is at least a foot shorter than me, went off to another party. Probably the NPR dinner, which is, as Joe Nick Patoski said, probably a pretty good place to sell your books. Not having one of my own to pimp on this evening, Lois and I rolled down the Avenue to Enoteca, for another great meal. We barely recognized the place, as we had not been there all week.

YES, at 3 PM in the Music Tent, SUNDAY, I’ll be performing THE LAST DETECTIVE AT THE END OF THE WORLD, with soundtrack by Johnny Reno, as part of my musical set. There are many best selling authors in town this weekend, plus a few actors and supermodels who have books that were actually ghostwritten by actual writers (which is great, because the rest of us have to eat, you know) but believe me, none of them has a story quite like THE LAST DETECTIVE AT THE END OF THE WORLD. That’s all I’m gonna say.

Check TBF schedule for other musical performances this weekend and oh yeah, also, your favorite authors. A few of mine are listed here.

Robert Caro, Robert Draper, Kip Stratton, Jan Reid, Suzy Spencer, Douglas Brinkley, Joe Nick Patoski, Joe Lansdale, and Sarah Cortez, the sexiest cop in Texas, and a damn good writer.
Also be sure to catch Sarah Fox, Joel Guzman & Glen Fukanaga in the music tent 1-2PM Saturday.

PS: Check out my eBooks at the Amazon Kindle store here, check out my books for the iPad at iTunes here. NEW FREE SHORT FICTION BY MY TERRIBLE SELF- THE LAST DETECTIVE AT THE END OF THE WORLD and STARS IN HER HAIR.

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