"rock critic murders" + NRA + romney + "tea party"A. Because she’s upset about the presidential election.

A great day in the USA. I’m even tempted to say “It’s morning in America…” but that one ended badly.

You’d never think that bullshit could be stacked so high. Anyway, gravity eventually did the trick.

Yes, it’s a great day in America. President Barack Obama, a great man and a tested leader, who has led our nation through the past years of economic turmoil and international danger, has been reelected. The people have spoken. Democracy is good. We can all stand some improvement and the reasonable among us are praying for a sense of sanity, logic and compromise to return to some of those who can only hate and obstruct.

Meanwhile, we realize it’s a hard time for some of you, so we have loaned out our bulletin board to help the most troubled of you get together and console each other.

This generous spirit even extends to those strange people whom I do not know, who somehow felt motivated to post obscene and outlandish, even racist comments on my Facebook page.

Even had I known these people and, having accidentally found them, and learned that they supported Mitt Romney, a person I despise, I would not have felt moved to post my own opinion on their page. It’s rather inappropriate and obnoxious. I suppose they’re trying to save us infidels. Or something.

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