What a great day in America. We’re watching the inauguration and having a private ball at our home. Lois made chocolate mousse for a party of 17. The recipe (Nigella Lawson) was for 4 servings. I said, “Just quadruple it… or quintuple it, whatever…”

Jesse Sublett

Nigella’s recipe was for 4 servings. We quadrupled it for 17, and had THIS much left over. Hooray!

I think we got the Octomom results. We brought a large crystal bowl of mousse to the party, and it was a big hit, with lots left over. PLUS we had another bowl left over for our home use… our teenager, Dashiell, arrives home from his LA vacation tonight, so I’m sure he’ll help us finish the rest.

Jesse Sublett, inauguration 2013, Grave Digger Blues, Katy Perry, Barack Obama

How many Son House fans out there, like me, are also Katy Perry fans?

And I recorded my own little rendition of the Son House classic, “Levee Camp Moan,” and wanted to share my humble effort. Just got this guitar, a Hot Rod Steel 14 fretter, single cone, bell brass body, saddle made from 200 year old wood, from my pal Lenny Gerthoffer’s shop, Vintage Nationals in Santa Barbara, CA.

Happy Martin Luther King Jr Day, Happy Inauguration Day… and may the GOP / Tea Party /NRA someday figure out that being human without a soul is no way to go.


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