Hello Again

UPDATE: The link to the podcast of my hour on Rag Radio was broken, but now it’s fixed. Click here to hear it.

Dear Friends,

Sorry to be a pest, but one of the main aims of this morning’s previous post was to provide a link to the podcast of my interview with Rag Radio yesterday, Feb. 1, 2013, and I see that on the emailed version of the blog, the embedded code does not appear. Here is the direct link to it: Jesse Sublett on Rag Radio 2.1.13.

Also, if you are in the habit of only reading the email version of my blog, you are missing out on other features, too. You don’t get the music player, for one thing, or other links which always available on my blog page. So you might want to check that out….

Have a great Super Bowl Sunday.


Jesse Sublett, inauguration 2013, Grave Digger Blues, Katy Perry, Barack Obama

How many Son House fans out there, like me, are also Katy Perry fans?

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