Mona Pitts, Jesse Sublett, noir fiction, Grave Digger Blues

She belonged to the stars now… but she’d always had stars in her hair…

A quick hello today to let you know that my short story “STARS IN HER HAIR” is now live at, a great crime fiction online zine. Thanks to Joe Clifford, a cool writer / musician, for editing it and posting it here.

Some of you may have read the illustrated version on my blog here, with the lovely Mona Pitts standing in as the lady astronaut of the story.

You may recognize Mona and her work if you have already read my new novella, Grave Digger Blues, which is bulging with sexy, wild, intriguing photos of Mona and by Mona, and also work by the great Ricardo Acevedo, and Todd V. Wolfson.

And you may have heard or maybe you’d like to hear the radio version which was performed by My Terrible Self and The Big Thorne ( a k a Thorne Dreyer ) on Rag Radio on Feb 1, 2013. You can enjoy that, plus my hour long interview, with 3 songs live in the studio, here.

GRAVE DIGGER BLUES is LIVE… buy it or download a sample at iTunes or Amazon. When? Now would be good.

Jesse Sublett, Grave Digger Blues, crime fiction, noir, pulp fiction, Denis Johnson

October Eve.





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