GOP Flop Sweat

Marco Rubio is not ready for prime time, Jesse Sublett, liberal blogger, crime fiction author, murder balladeer

Marco Rubio, saviour of what??????

Where did this kid come from? I mean, who thought it was a bright idea to have junior Marco deliver the response to President Obama’s State of the Union address? The speech was a by-the-numbers right wing attack speech that could have been written back during the days of Milli Vanilli. Nothing about voter suppression. Why did he vote against the Violence Against Women Act on this very day? It’s not even controversial. No wonder he’s got dry mouth.

The GOP ran a robot for President. He lost. They sent a thirsty boy next.

A Texas Congressman named Steve Stockman intived Ted Nugent to the speech. The less said about Nuget here the better. But if Steve Stockman was hoping to be remembered as the stupidest man in the US. he’s got our vote.

Big day for Mario, however. He shaved for first time AND gave his first State of the Union response.

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